Monday, November 13, 2017

But they love to whine about "Why don't people trust us?"

In ten years of studying violent encounters and learning everything I could about every shooting I could, I never once found a newspaper article that got all the facts right. Usually they weren’t even close. In that same time period I offered free training in Use of Force to reporters or detractors, and never once had any of them take me up on it.
Part of a piece Correia did on use of force; well worth reading.

"Stop calling yourself a feminist unless you say what we tell you to!"
One more reason I have that 'Nutcase-level feminism' category. 

Victims of a mass shooting perpetrated by organized government are just as dead as victims of a mass shooting perpetrated by a lone nut. Adopt the broadest definition of “mass shooting” that you want (e.g., three victims wounded, one killed). Add up all the mass shooting deaths from lunatics, organized crime, jihadist cells and ordinary criminals. The global, historical total of mass shooting deaths will be gruesome, and it will also be small compared to the total of mass shooting deaths perpetrated by criminal governments — including Fascists, Communists and non-ideological tyrants.

I shall now continue with getting some stuff cleared.  See  you later

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