Saturday, November 18, 2017

One thing I do NOT like about this time of year

is people showing up one or two days before the season opens: "Where do I need to set this so it'll be dead-on at (fill in the distance)?"

A: You should've done this a long time before now.  Along with some practice.
B: For most of the people doing this, "Point of impact needs to be .3" below point of aim" is meaningless, because without a bench rest they can't hold tight enough for that to be useful.
C: There are dozens of rifle/cartridge/scope height combinations, so don't get mad because it takes a few minutes(that I could've been using to check someone else in) to run your combo through a ballistic calculator and give you an estimate for your adjustment.  Only a couple of people like that, but it ticks me off.

On the other hand you have the people who come in ready: all they need to do is check zero.  If they need ammo, they know what brand and bullet weight they need, and they're shooting for maybe five-ten shots: two or three to make sure of zero, the others 'just because'. 

It's a mix.


Critter said...

I got two rifle done in 30 minutes, including the one that needed the scope completely reset.

John Eperjesi said...

I love the guys that come with their .30-30's and say I want it to be 1 inch high at 100, dead on at 200 and an inch low at 300.