Tuesday, October 24, 2017

I'm going to try something

No, there should not be any meltdowns or other drama.  Take an AR upper with a long rail on top, and put a long-eye-relief scope on it and see how it works.  In this case,
That's a cheap 2x scope I've had for several years, quite good enough to try this out.  This handguard is rigid enough that it should be plenty stable for general use; we'll find out for sure.


Pawpaw said...

Scout rifle concept, modernized.

Cooper, as forward thinking as he was, simply didn't like the AR platform, based mostly on the caliber. His scout rifle, though was designed to put an aimed shot on a man sized target at 300 yards, very quickly.

I bought a scout several years ago, and the more I shoot it, the more I like it. It's not a precision rifle by any means, but as a tool to put an aimed shot on a reasonable target, it's magnificent.

Give it an honest try and I think you'll like it. For a general purpose working rifle, it's hard to beat that set-up.

Firehand said...

Yep. I've shot a .308 bolt rifle set up that way, it was rather nice. Hoping this works as well.

As noted, I think the rigidity of the handguard will be the big factor for accuracy; this one's pretty solid, and since there's no sling mounted to it I think it'll work well.

Arthur said...

I did the same sort of thing on an AK with an ultimak rail - only with a 4x pistol scope.

Red dots are nice, but out past 75 yards my crappy eyes need some extra help.

Alien said...

Couple of folks - Nikon and Burris, may be others - make EER scopes in 2-7X (can't remember and i'm too lazy to pull a rifle out and check, but IIRC the Nikon might be 2-8X), both around 32mm objectives. 2-3X is much many fast (the original Scout scope - from Burris, then also Leupold - was 2.75X or 2.5X, depending on which you got) , 5-7X (or 5-8X if I'm remembering the Nikon right) allows more precision at distance. Kinda handy to have both ends of effective range covered.

They work well in 3-Gun, which is a good place to get some practice running the gun, especially if certain cruel, vindictive bastards build the rifle stages with targets from 15 to 300 yards.