Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Range day was had

Beautiful weather for this time of year.  Some things worked, and some, well, either the loads just weren't good for that rifle, or I really went downhill after a while.

And a sad occurrence: I was shooting the mini-Sharps, and found the windage was WAY off.  Which led to discovering that the threads for the windage screw in the rear mount have stripped.  No, no idea how.

Happily, I know a machinist.  Unhappily, this'll have to be fitted into the 'When it gets here, and when I can do something with it' category.  But at least can do something about it.

More info on the day later.  Right now, I'm hungry and dinner must be cooked.


Glen Filthie said...

Wait. What?


Oh, you gotta post pics on that! I shall expect a range report on my desk post haste! This is even a higher priority than your frequent data dumps!

Or at least, close, anyways...

Firehand said...

I shall