Saturday, March 11, 2017

From Ayoob:

3 Post-Court Myths Dispelled
Short version: it can be a good shoot, and you can still be screwed by the system.

Some people don't show the expected symptoms of a heart attack.  And it'll kill you.
Few years back a friend of a friend got married to a retired military guy.  In great shape, worked out, all that good stuff.  He was mowing the front yard, wife went in to get him some tea, came back out and he was dead on the ground.  Massive heart attack.  Sometimes, there's no warning.

Restored WWII PT boat back on the water.  Man, that'd be a ride.

Fuck the union.  
Fuck the bastards who couldn't make themselves talk to evil Republicans.
Fuck the union that's trying to get rid of the people who actually TRIED TO DO SOMETHING.
And fuck the Democrats who 'couldn't do anything'.  With a splintery shovel handle.  Followed by a crotch fire.

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Windy Wilson said...

My Uncle died of a heart attack, first sign of heart disease was the attack. He made it inside the house to the sofa, when my Aunt called the paramedics.
He was dead on arrival.
He didn't believe butter was bad for you, so today's anti margarine views would have caused him no problem.