Monday, February 20, 2017

Looking at video of the Oroville dam,

assuming the dam doesn't fail, when things dry up they're going to have to completely rebuild the main spillway, and the emergency- assuming they don't cover it with words- will have to be redone as well.

On the main, that hole enlarged, more of the face collapsed, and the side collapsed, so the water's shooting over that side; the damage on the hill is bad.  Bloody awful mess.

History.  Messy, it is.  Especially when asshats have spent decades teaching crap instead of the facts, warts and all.
Throughout 1941, the U.S. frequently intercepted reports of resident aliens and Japanese Americans providing information to Japanese agents. In a decrypted message on May 9, for example, a Japanese agent in Los Angeles reports, “We have already established contact with absolutely reliable Japanese in the San Pedro and San Diego area, who will keep a close watch on all shipments of airplanes and other war materials …. We shall maintain connection with our second generations who are at present in the [U.S.] Army, to keep us informed of various developments in the Army. We also have connections with our second generations working in airplane plants for intelligence purposes.” 
Honda’s resolution follows the Carter commission in ignoring the critical revelations of MAGIC and mistakenly conflates “internment” and “relocation.” The great majority of Japanese were not interned but required only to relocate outside of the Western Defense Zone, an area that included California, the western halves of Oregon and Washington, and a small portion of Arizona. Those who were not able to move were eventually taken to relocation centers, built with the same materials and on similar patterns as Army bases.

Japanese could leave a relocation center if they could reestablish themselves outside of the Defense Zone, and some 35,000 did so. Those who relocated on their own by the end of March 1942 did not go to the centers. More than 4,300 Japanese left to go to college at government expense and thousands left to work on farms. Meanwhile, in the relocation centers the death rate was lower and the birth rate higher than that of the general American population.

The Congolese refugee had applied for asylum in Berlin, Germany, where he is alleged to have carried out the brutal killing. 

The man – identified by authorities as Yve M – is accused of stabbing his girlfriend 30 times in the stomach and chest before beheading the corpse. 

Prosecutors claim he then cut off her little finger from her right hand and her left arm before decorating her body.

A 3-D printed suppressor.  That seems to work quite well.  Really reinforces 'Can't stop the signal, Mal', doesn't it?

Ah, if only the law on importing such weren't so stupid.


Phelps said...

To be clear on the Oroville Dam, that "hill" to the right of the spillway?

That's the main dam. Oroville is an earth berm dam, not a concrete dam like Boulder.

The good news is that it's likely that the emergency (not "auxillary") spillway is likely to involuntarily go back into service when the snowpack melts, and it will fail spectacularly and catastrophically, sending a 30 foot wall of water down the valley. This is an improvement over the 100+ foot wall that the main dam would send down the valley.

larryw said...

History. My mother in law and family were third generation farmers in Kingsburg, CA during WW2. They were "relocated" to Wyoming with only the possessions they could carry. When they were released, they returned to a farm that had ownership transferred to the hired caretaker by the state when the taxes weren't paid and he graciously stepped in to pay the lein. They had nothing. That's the real history of FDR and Democrats.

Anonymous said...

For the record the US military had no way to decipher any "Intel. intercept" in 1941. MAJIC could only get about one word in FIVE of DIPLOMATIC codes by mid/late 1941. We didn't crack the Japanese "Black" Intel. codes(completely different code) until mid 1943. The Japanese never had a single verified agent born in the US. NOT ONE. FDR had planed to "grab"(his word) Japanese American property in Calf., Oregon, Washington and the HI.(6 BILLION in 1940 US Dollars) as early as 1938 in case of war. The "information" you cite was manufactured as pure anti-Japanese propaganda by J.E.Hover in 1940 at the WRITTEN order of Harry Hopkins in order to justify putting American CITIZENS in concentration camps and robbing them of all wealth based solely on race.(Money and property stolen without any legal pretense or court action. NEVER to be returned) The ONLY known and verified Intel agents for the IJ government working inside the US were ALL Japanese citizens born in japan. Nothing can justify the gross rape of America done by FDR.(or his mentor Woodrow Wilson) NOTHING. The Japanese "camps" were the single greatest shame on America of the 20th century AND: If 1% of your "information" about the MAJIC intercept's is true then FDR would have had full knowledge of the attack on "Pearl Harbor" as early as August/September 1941 as the Japanese "Black" code was full of information about the upcoming attack, its target and training (WE found it in 1946. The Japanese spy's were spying on the IJN )--and He (FDR) let it happen--think about that. P.S. ALL Japanese codes were color coded. The only one we "broke" before 1942 was the diplomatic code "Purple"( MAJIC was the code name of the US Intel. shop in 1940-41). The IJN code was broken just before Midway. The Japanese Intel. code(s)(some) were broken in 1943. Some Japanese codes were never broken. Race hate makes poor history. ---Ray--- Have you thought about joining the KKK or the Nazi party? You'd fit right in with "white stormfront".

Phelps said...

An anon calling you a KKK Nazi? I bet he was persuasive!

(Haha! Assumed your gender!)