Thursday, February 09, 2017

'Higher' Education...

Justine Schwarz, a residential advisor at the University of Minnesota, lost her job because program administrators thought she was insufficiently committed to promoting social justice.

"[She] has not demonstrated a commitment to social justice growth and promotion to residents," a director wrote in his review of Schwarz.
This is stupid.  Monumentally so.  And then we come to the real problem with her:
Furthermore, Schwarz liked to "play devil's advocate" when talking with other people about "diversity and social justice." Schwarz's zeal for wide-ranging debate on these subjects called into question whether she could be trusted to behave like a good social justice advocate, according to the review.
"How dare she actually question things and want these students to THINK?  Get rid of her!"

Yet more:
But Schwarz says Sean Smallwood, her evaluator, was at odds with her because of philosophical disagreements:
Additionally, Schwarz alleges that she was confronted by Smallwood in a one-on-one conversation where he was adamant that she should feel oppressed because of her womanhood, and felt individually targeted for her political opinions whenever she had to meet with Smallwood individually.
That's because she WAS individually targeted.

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