Thursday, February 09, 2017

There was a piece a couple of days ago about how nasty it could be

if the black bloc types started seriously using weapons and going to crippling and killingHere's a response on the lines of "Not so fast, there."  It includes
The people cracking other folks in the head with bricks, putting the boots to them, and throwing Molotovs, are doing so only and entirely because there is a chance approaching ZERO that they'll be stopped, investigated, pursued, or prosecuted for doing so. And just in case, they're doing it wearing masks, because why risk TPTB having a change of heart later on?
Calculating? Certainly. Dedication or bravery? Not so much. Chickenshit? Five-starred.

NO ONE in Berkeley or anywhere else was getting cracked in the head with batons or taking LTL beanbags, which is precisely why that shit went on unabated. And everyone, then and there, here and now, and coast to coast, damned well knows it.

And they'll stop this nonsense the minute they start catching lead in the face, which was exactly what stopped an entire city from rioting during Rodney King. I was there, and I saw it happen. I also watched the ineffectual Ole` Policing (watch them go by with an armload of Nike shoes or color TVs) fuel the first three days of that like throwing jet fuel on it.


Toastrider said...

Yeah, I read that bit from Mosby and was scratching my head. Those lowlifes in Berzerkely were not being opposed at all. You have to wonder how eager they'd be if they were getting shot at.

Oh, I don't doubt there's a few hard souls in the antifa/black bloc ranks. But these guys, for the most part, look scary because they've got no opposition. I'd love to see what would happen if they butted up against, oh, a biker gang. One of the really tough ones, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Recently, I found and it answered a few questions I didn't know I had.
One of a few money quotes: "What was not widely reported is on the other side of the LA city limit lines, police from different municipalities were geared up and waiting. Mini-riots tried to break out in multiple cities in the LA area, but the local PDs -- literally -- smashed them on the spot. Meanwhile, inside LA city limits, it was the withdrawal of the LAPD that both kept the damage localized to Los Angeles and allowed it to escalate.

This resulted in looters driving into LA from other cities to 'riot.'"

Stay away from crowds

Firehand said...

Toast, most of them, no; some of the dedicated socialist types, well, they're the type that provided the commissars in the Soviet Union who killed factory managers and workers for not meeting the current(and not possible)5-Year Plan. But realistically, I tend to think you're right, not many of them.

Anonymous, I think I read that once before but I'd forgotten it, thanks for the reminder.