Sunday, November 20, 2016

So, how much are students at University of Colorado paying per year?

More 'higher' education.
A humanities course currently taught at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs teaches that the Founding Fathers were hypocrites, terrorists and money-hungry barons who used hyperbole and fear to rile up the colonists to revolt against England.

The “Resistance and Revolution” class is co-taught by history lecturer Jared Benson and sociology instructor Nicholas Lee, who also suggest that it was Mikhail Gorbachev – not Ronald Reagan — who brought down the collapse of the Soviet Union, and that wealthy CEOs deserve to be in a “moral prison,” among many other assertions.

Calling the Founding Fathers “terrorists,” Benson and Lee voice criticism and cynicism against many of the events leading up to the Revolutionary War, teaching students the founding ideals were “merely a fabrication for a social movement” — a means to an end for the colonist elites who were tired of England’s control and needed the gullible masses to help them break free.

I'd wondered just what some of the reactions would be if the Evil Party makes Ellison the head; looks like a bunch of people really don't like the idea.

Hmmm.  'Strange' would seem an understatement.
The wreckage of six warships and a submarine that have lain on the bottom of the Java Sea since 1942 is now missing, and naval authorities are at a loss to explain the disappearance.

Someone hasn't been paying attention to the warnings, maybe?

 You may have seen that Bill Gates(rich as hell due to the capitalist system) is telling people that 'socialism is GREAT!'
Hey, Bill?  You might want to take a break from that crap and see if your company can make your damned software stop doing weird crap.  Such as my Windows start button not working, and 'search' not working.  You bastard.

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0007 said...

Regarding the missing ships, apparently the Indonesians - with the help of the ever helpful Chinese decided to salvage all that unused steel lying at the bottom of the ocean. This after they cadged the location information out of the Brit crew who located them in the first place.
The fact that these ships were the final resting place for the men who are the reason that the Indos aren't speaking Japanese didn't enter into the equation; muzzies being muzzies and such.