Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Well, that was interesting Update

Some of you may remember the Saga of the 15-22 from several years ago.  The rifle they replaced the original with has functioned flawlessly, until today.

On the range, trying out a few rounds of some new(to me) Winchester ammo, the first round fired, and then had an out-of-battery fire as the second round was still a bit out of the chamber.  Which got my attention.

No damage to me or anything other than the rifle, the extractor pin appears to have sheared, the extractor is in its groove in the barrel, and the spring is still in the bolt.  With the ruptured case sticking out of the chamber.

Pictures later, I want to contact S&W about this before I move anything more than necessary.

Update: message from S&W, "We'd suggest you return it to us for examination, provide the following information", etc.  So it begins.

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