Monday, August 15, 2016

Sums part of the trouble up nicely

I hate Donald Trump. But the media really is treating him unfairly.
Yes, they are.  While so many of them are so obviously bent over backwards for Clinton.  All this crap does is reinforce to people that the media isn't to be trusted, and that's going to be biting the media for a long time to come.  Or biting deeper, as the case may be.

The Stupid Party and the Evil Party have both picked(although in the case of the Evil Party there was damn little 'picking' involved) people who, if they knocked on your door, you'd either tell them to go away or not answer.  The Libertarians picked a couple of people who keep saying very un-libertarian things(and the occasional "I've climbed these mountains, what has he done!" crap from Johnson), the Greens... they seem to think having Comrade Stalin back wouldn't be bad, long as he wanted to end fracking. 

What I'd really like is a do-over, involving a whole new cast of characters.


Anonymous said...

thank god he's not a slick lying sold out "statesman" .

Trump will be a great president.

he favors :

border controls - ending the heroin crisis and illegal immigrant

crimes and welfare cost. providing entry level
jobs for entry level americans.

lower taxes ; -business and personal

scrapping nafta and TPP - ending the hollowing out of middle
class jobs for all of American industry.

Peace with Russia - What has putin ever done to US? nuclear
winter anyone?

supports the second amendment - natch

making japan, Europe , and south Korea pay their share
of NATO costs. currently they don't

conservative judicial appointments- natch
win fight with issis instead of dragging it out.

0007 said...

" a do-over..." The reality is your choice is Clinton or Trump. One is a murderous thug and the other is a businessman who pays fast and loose. But at least you won't have a high probability of dying if you piss him off.
As someone said to one of those demo-media whores when talking about the amazing number of people around clinton who seem to expire before their time, "How many people do you know who have been murdered, Tom?"

Arthur said...

"Trump will be a great president.

he favors :"

Correction, *says* he favors. I don't hate Trump but I don't understand why anyone trusts anything that comes out of the mouth of anyone running for public office. At all. Ever.

Firehand wants a do-over with a new cast of characters: Are you unhappy with their dress sense? The hairstyles? What else would a 'new cast of characters' change?

What needs to change is the office of the president of the U.S. It needs to go away along with the rest of the federal government. Each state has its own bloated government, so why have another on top of them? At least the state governments can't rob, rape and loot everyone from coast to coast all at once.

I may make it down to the polls and pull the lever for Trump, but not for any hope that he'll actually 'fix' anything. For him make things better he'd 1) have to not be a two-faced, back-stabbing POS. I'd be shocked if he wasn't, and 2) he'd have to either get the buy-in from the vast federal bureaucracy - which won't happen, or he'd have to have his own private army.

Windy Wilson said...

The only saving grace for the graceless Trump is that he is an unknown quantity. Clinton, on the other hand, has a lifetime of a track record, and she is as likely to not sting the country as the scorpion was likely to not sting the frog carrying it across the river, and the scorpion had motivation to be different for a few minutes. Hillary?
Imagine a choice of two doors, one has a sign, Maneating Tiger, and the other has a question mark. Or imagine Russian Roulette, Trump is a standard revolver with one bullet in the cylinder, and Hillary is a revolver with six bullets in the cylinder. Bad odds either way. I doubt that they will both magically withdraw before November; those are the choices this year.