Monday, June 06, 2016

Well, isn't that special?

The sign on the door seemingly said it all: "Service animals are welcome," but Hunter claims the manager, later identified as Mitul Ahmed, said something very different.

"I may have been holding the door when he first said something. He said, 'The dog is not allowed in here. Get the dog out of here,'" Hunter said.

"He was clearly identified as a service animal," Eyewitness News Investigative Reporter Sarah Wallace said.

"He was wearing what he has on right now," Hunter said. "I said he was a service animal."

"He didn't care," Wallace said.

TV crew showed up to ask about it.  You'll love it.

At this point, screw just getting rid of the EPA: start putting officials in jail.  And some of them ought to be flogged in the town square, so the local citizens can take turns helping out.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) representatives have focused intently on Silverton, Colorado since the mid-1990s, accumulating evidence — and sometimes using scare tactics — to persuade residents to drop their opposition to a Superfund designation for the surrounding region.

Residents surrendered to federal demands only after an EPA work-crew turned the nearby Animas River bright yellow for nearly a week by releasing a three-million-gallon flood of acidic mine waste under extremely questionable circumstances in August 2015.
Read it all.  Some private somebody tried crap like this, said EPA and the Democrats would be screaming bloody murder, but the EPA does it?  Silence.

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