Thursday, June 09, 2016

A: This moron WANTS violence

He wants riots.  He wants people beat up(wonder if he draws the line at murder?).  Among his justifications:
More recently, the Ferguson and Baltimore Uprisings both helped prompt the Justice Department to investigate their corrupt police forces.
'Uprisings'.  Let's see, in Ferguson it was pushed on by a lie about 'hands up'.  Last I heard, nobody in Baltimore had been convicted of anything.  All that rioting and looting, oh, it's not that!  'Uprisings'...

Further evidence of his being delusional:
And since we’re talking about fascism, it’s worth remembering that it wasn’t the election of a moderate centrist (hello, Hillary) or a sanguine protest that stopped its ascent in Europe.
A: Anybody who calls Clinton a 'moderate centrist' is either lying, or a fool.  And I doubt he's talking about Mussolini, which means he's throwing 'fascism' at the National Socialists; it's so much nicer than admitting they were socialists.

Assholes like this are going to push things until there's a real explosion, at which time they're going to wind up on the receiving end of what a lot of Sanders and Clinton supporters have been handing out.  They'll scream and yell and say this proves how evil the other side is.  Because it's only good when they're assaulting people and breaking things.

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Windy Wilson said...

After the LA riots, I heard a tenured law professor refer to them as "Uprisings." Now, because in my family relatives WHO I MET wore uniforms on both sides of that recent unpleasantness known as WW 2, and the father of one of my cousins was a genuine card-carrying Nazi (my father's friend when I was growing up was a Jewish man who was a commercial artist), I was aware of politics at an early age. To call that TV-liquor-and fancy electronics free-for-all an uprising insults the memory of the people who did rise up in WW 2, in Prague in 1945, and Warsaw in 1944, and Warsaw in 1943, so in the interests of prudence and conservation of dental work, no one had better call a riot an uprising around me.