Saturday, December 26, 2015

Seems like believing the initial reports of a hate crime

is a bad mistake; because so many of them are fake.
The mosque attack in California this week is not any different from what we have come to expect. It was done by a Muslim. And this is the second time this week that an attack on a mosque was discovered to be committed by a Muslim or Muslims.

It's official: these people are either bloody insane, or have no damned idea what this would mean*.
In light of this reality, someone really needs to ask the AP's Karl Ritter how much Kool-Aid he had to drink before he informed readers on Thursday morning that the "PARIS CLIMATE GOALS MEAN EMISSIONS NEED TO DROP BELOW ZERO" — and then attempted to take that goal seriously.
Idiots.  Bloody FOOLS.

Know that saying about 'that awkward time when it's too early to start shooting the bastards'?  Well, it may be too early(maybe too late) to shoot them, but I get the feeling it's time to start hanging some of them.  Starting with the IRS and the idiots who passed this stinking pile of garbage.

Ok, maybe a lot of them.

*Yes, it's possible that they know and don't care.  Because they think it won't really affect them.

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