Sunday, December 20, 2015

I knew Sweden was in bad shape, but damn!

Even before the massive influx of migrants in the fall of 2015, Swedes felt a need to protect themselves -- and with good reason. Since the Parliament decided in 1975 that Sweden should be multicultural and not Swedish, crime has exploded. Violent crime has increased by more than 300%, and rapes have increased by an unbelievable 1,472%.
I'd read in other places that the numbers were through the roof.  And that the government has been discouraging anyone talking about it, let alone blaming the immigrants/first-generation people committing the crimes.

And this:
The Swedish government, however, would apparently rather not talk about that. Foreign Minister Margot Wallström conceded, in an interview with the daily Dagens Nyheter that garnered international attention, that Sweden is, in fact, heading for a systemic breakdown:
"Most people seem to think we cannot maintain a system where perhaps 190,000 people will arrive every year. In the long run, our system will collapse. This welcome is not going to receive popular support. We want to give people who come here a worthy reception."
Symptomatic of Swedish journalists, this statement was tucked away at the end of the article. The headline was about how the political party that is critical of immigration, the Sweden Democrats Party (Sverigedemokraterna), is responsible for the asylum-housing fires. But foreign media, such as The Daily Mail and Russia Today, picked up Wallström's warning about a systemic collapse and ran it as the urgent news it actually is.
When your government isn't just hiding data from you, but is actively punishing people who speak it openly, you're right on the edge of the drain.  If not slipping over.

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Crotalus said...

Multiculturalism will fail every time, because cultures clash. This is why we have nations. But now, governments are allowing different cultures in their borders, and they wonder why there is so much trouble.