Sunday, November 15, 2015

My shoulder aches like hell this morning,

and the fucking idiocy I'm reading from the Democrat debate last night isn't helping.  Hillary says "Women and 9/11 mean me getting lots of money from Wall Street is no problem!"  Sanders saying "Global Warmening is a bigger threat than the terrorists!"  AND "We need to let a lot of refugees in!  Moral purpose!"  Etc. ad Bullshit.

And let us not leave out "Syria would've been GREAT if Obama had listened to me!" from Mrs. I Don't Have To Obey The Law Unless It suits Me.

O'Malley's just as bad as those two.

And CNN has decided that 'Geraldo telling the Iraqis where the unit is and what they're doing' is a model to emulate.  Fucking idiots.

'the pervasive cult of meritocracy'.  Yeah, because hiring someone due to competence is FAR less important than checking all the proper SJW boxes...

By the way, an article from a few years back that "Children will not know what snow is!" has been disappeared from the source.  Happily, The Internets Is Forever.

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