Saturday, November 21, 2015

Belgium is at max warning level, (updated)

expecting an attack.

I've been reminded recently of just why my reaction to a lot of stuff from the left has become "Fuck you"; my give-a-damn's not just broke, it's been dismantled.

If I say "We shouldn't let a lot of these 'refugees' in until we can be sure they're not connected with the bad guys", I'm a racist.

If I point out that "Calling people names and threatening them in a campus library doesn't exactly help your cause", I hate black people and want them to die.

Criticize damn-near ANYTHING Obama does or says, no matter how fact-based your criticism is, "You hate him because he's black!"

Say that pushing more gun laws in the US isn't going to do anything to stop terrorists or general bad guys, "You want more children to DIE, don't you?"  Usually accompanied with 'Racist!' for- well, for something.

Tell someone that the 'free' stuff they expect Sanders or Clinton to provide isn't free, that whether you're actually writing a check for it or not, you'll damn well be paying for it, you get some combination of "You don't care about other people/you want women(or blacks, or whatever) kept down/you've got yours and don't want anybody else to/", hell, just think of some raving attempt to shut people up and it'll be in there somewhere.

Point out that their socialist savior has long connections with Wall Street, and gets a shitload of money from corporations and banks and whatever, well, that's proof you care more about rich capitalists than poor people.  Point out that these places working hand-in-glove with politicians to get special deals and screw everyone else is not exactly capitalism, that's just more proof that you don't care about little people, etc.

And let us not forget education: call a teacher pulling crap like this the idiot she is, and "So you don't care about the girls in  class?"
"How the hell is this supposedly helping the girls?"
You go through the 'empowerment' bullshit, and it winds up with "It's all about the BOYS, isn't it?"
Well, an idiot posing as a teacher is teaching the boys that they can be crapped on and lied to at will, to advance the SJW bullshit of the 'teacher', which doesn't do squat for anyone except her feelings of "I'm DOING something!", yeah, they're taking the primary damage from this.  But bringing attention to it means "You hate girls getting an education and fair treatment!"

Most leftists seem to care more about shutting you up than actually arguing a point.  So screw 'em, I'm sick of it.

Every so often I look at the Occupy Democrats page on Facebook, and it's kind of amazing; the tolerant left basically states "If you don't agree with us, we hate you and want you destroyed because you're a hater."  This includes(especially includes) their poster claiming "Gas prices were horrible under Bush, but look how good they are under Obama!"  They don't care that prices were WAY the hell higher under Obama, for years, that Obama did everything he could to stop exploration and drilling, tried to stop fracking, has flatly SAID he wants higher energy prices; that doesn't matter, that the price of oil is down despite what he's done(unless you include 'trashing the economy for years') is an occasion for "All Hail Obama!"  Point out some inconvenient facts like these, and you'll get every bit of the hatred and loathing they can throw out.

And the 2nd Amendment.  They want it destroyed, and if you argue that it means you're a racist/misogynist/lackey of the arms industry(where's my wheelbarrow of cash, then, dammit?)/don't care about the CHILLDDREEEENNNNN!, etc.  Because disagreeing with them doesn't mean you disagree, it means you hate and don't care, and should be ruined.

So I'm often not nearly as polite as I used to be when arguing points.  I've been through this crap over and over, I can usually tell just what they'll say/claim/lie about next.  And since any disagreement with them is trumpeted as proof that you hate/racist/don't care/fill in the blank, might as well tell them they're a damned liar, or a fool, because it'll make absolutely no difference.  People actually arguing a point can be reasoned with; these clowns cannot.

So now that that's off my chest, I think I'll window-shop some parts, and otherwise do things a lot more fun that being called names.

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