Thursday, July 16, 2015

Apparently Safe Streets took lessons from MAIG

City officials have suspended operations of the Safe Streets anti-violence program in East Baltimore after police officers found seven guns and drugs stashed inside the Monument Street office. 

Police said a robbery investigation led them to the office, and two employees were among those arrested. The suspension sidelines the program's work in East Baltimore at a time when gun violence has been spiking.

We're supposed to trust ANY of these people why?
The original IRS scandal hinted at an intensive but narrow effort within one division to punish or at least make life difficult for the Obama administration's political opponents — the sort of thing that could perhaps be chalked up to a few bad actors. But the new documents suggest there were at least attempts to bring other agencies in on the wrongdoing.

Incidentally, the new documents also show how later, in July 2013, Obama Justice Department officials requested access to documents before they were handed over to Congress as part of the investigation into this IRS wrongdoing.

Well, you've got people willing to sit by the road with a flat for Deity-knows-how-long waiting for help because they're unable or unwilling to change a flat, so why not adults afraid of a fire extinguisher?

Hey, Google, if trying to rewrite history isn't evil, what is it?

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