Wednesday, July 15, 2015

On the subject of "Idiots who have no idea

what they're actually trying to do" Tim Blair gives us this prize:
Ms Keith and her associates wish to wage “decisive ecological warfare” against… well, the rest of us, and to “disrupt and dismantle industrial civilisation,” with “complete economic collapse” as the path to salvation. When not signalling their intellectual wattage by calling for the “abolition” of masculinity and “whiteness,” and the “abolition” of the United States, “an illegitimate settler nation,” Deep Green Resistance very much like the idea of “sabotaging infrastructure” and cutting power lines, thereby leaving tens of thousands of people without light and heat.
Hey, what's lots of lives destroyed and lives lost when you're saving Mother Gaia?  And abolishing masculinity?

How long do you think most of these morons would survive without modern equipment?  Without modern medicines?

Reminds me of the idiots who cry for a 'gun-free world', seemingly having no historical knowledge of just what kind of world that was.

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