Monday, May 18, 2015

Apparently Title IX excuses any level of idiocy

School Administrators at work.
You’ve probably turned to your significant other and wondered aloud, “Those administrators are morons. There’s no reasonable way a storage shed could violate Title IX.”

But we’re not dealing with reasonable people here, folks. We’re dealing with public school administrators.
...“The funds have already been taken out of the baseball fund -- $10,000,” Carl told me. 
“The remaining funds were taken out of the high school fund.”

It cost a grand total of $21,000 to remove a shed that was given to the baseball team at no cost. The school district took every single penny of the booster club’s money.

Well, on this Charlie Hebdo can kiss my ass.

Yeah, we all need gun laws like Chicago, where I'm sure every gang-banger and other dirtbag involved in all this obeyed all their laws...

You will be interested to hear that everyone 'conservative'(which apparently means 'everyone of insufficiently leftists views') doesn't think carry laws should apply to blacks.  And uses guns as penis substitutes.  And the NRA supports terrorizing neighborhoods.  Basically every piece of bullshit you can think of in one article.

Personally, I'd suggest not giving the site hits, just wait for Joe Huffman to do a summary.