Saturday, May 23, 2015

Marja, I hope the spirit is still there despite the 'progressive' education

Finland has sent letters to nearly a million military reservists, setting out their roles “in the event of war” amid rising tension with neighbouring Russia.

The letters have been dispatched to 900,000 former conscripts in the armed forces, including to Finns living abroad.
In recent months, Russian warplanes have frequently probed Finnish air defences. In April, the Finnish navy resorted to depth-charging a suspected submarine that was detected near the capital, Helsinki.

Neighbouring countries are also on a heightened state of alert. Last October, Sweden carried out its biggest military mobilisation since the Cold War to hunt for a mysterious submarine sighted near Stockholm.
Here's hoping that if Vlad I does start it, this time the Finns aren't short on everything.
If they aren't, it'll be a damn short invasion, I'd hope.

Free speech on campus.  As long as progzi administrators agree with what you want to say.
The lawsuit recounts Sanders getting blindsided in February when “uniformed, armed campus police officers” told her and a fellow activist they couldn’t keep holding their signs and recruiting for the chapter around the student center. Sanders had been assured by defendant Erikah Brown, student clubs coordinator, that the activity was fine, the suit claims.
Student Center Coordinator Sheri Rich, who accompanied the police and is named as a defendant, told the students they needed “special permission” for the activity because Blinn was “private.”
Rich also implied they couldn’t get that permission, saying she wasn’t against guns but “on campus, I’m not so sure,” the suit claims.
Etc.  FIRE is now involved; wonder just how stubborn and stupid the school brass are going to be?

Thoughts on the Waco biker mess

Apparently a bunch of people are screaming and moaning about how a rape scene in a tv show affects feminism, etc.  Meanwhile, while they're whining about that,
ISIS is sending the 'prettiest virgins' they capture to slave markets in the Syrian city of Raqqa, where they are sold as sexual objects to the highest bidder, the United Nation's Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict has said.

After the depraved militants attack their villages, they strip the girls naked, conduct virginity tests, evaluate their bodies and send them to twisted auctions, Zainab Bangura claims.
They are first offered to the leaders of the depraved organisation, followed by the Emirs, and finally the soldiers.

Each buyer usually takes three or four girls and keeps them for a few months before they grow tired of them and sell them again, she told Middle East Eye.

She added: 'We heard of one girl who was traded 22 times, and of a Takfiri leader who had written his name on the girl's hand to show that she was his "property".
I'm curious; are any of the SJWs demanding action on this?  Demanding stepped-up military action?  Demanding ANYTHING?  Or are they too busy giving love and support to Mattress Girl to care about actual open slave markets and mass-murder?

If this testimony is true, there are a bunch of others still roaming around who need to be hanged.

Pointed to by Tam:
I keep repeating, jobs are the side effect of a successful business.  If the costs are such that it can't be successful, then there won't be a business and thus there won't be any jobs.
Basically, what Seattle et al want to do is make every no-skill/experience required job pay like an associates degree in mechanical drafting with two years of experience.

Eating out is a luxury you fucking morons!  When it passes a certain price threshold, people stop buying the luxury item and eat what they cook at home.

But they either don't or won't understand that.  Because 'Progressive!' or something.

First I'd heard of this:
A new volcanic eruption is now confirmed to be taking place off the West Coast of the United States.

The new undersea volcanic activity is occurring approximately 300 miles off the shores of Central Oregon, along the Axial Seamount, where a fresh fissure has formed, producing new undersea lava flows, and seismic activity.

This undersea eruption FOLLOWS a series of earthquakes at dormant volcanoes along the West coast in California, and Nevada, as well as several large “steam plume” events from Hot Springs, Cold Springs, and dormant volcano locations.

And it appears that slimeball McConnell & Co. have once again given Obama what he wants.  And us peasants don't need to know the details.

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