Monday, January 12, 2015

This Senate BETTER ask real questions and demand answers,

not just roll over and play dead for Obama on Lynch.  We do NOT need another Holder continuing the coverups and lies and abuses.

A message to Romney:
It must stick in your craw that you lost to an idiot like Barack Obama. But that's the problem,….an…idiot…like...Barack...Obama. Yes, defeating an incumbent President is hard but it's a lot easier in times of economic distress (see Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, granted he invented his own time of distress but "it's the economy stupid" carried the day). Even with crushing levels of unemployment, anemic growth and fear that when ObamaCare kicked in things would get even LOST.
As I said, I'm not a fan so you can just write this off as more hate mail. But consider this, my urging you to stay out of the race is an admission against interest. If you run, you'll battle with Jeb and Christie. It will be hilarious to watch three guys who represent so much of what I hate about the GOP rip each other to pieces.

It's not just entertainment I'd be forgoing with you skipping another run. Your participation would make it easier for a candidate I might actually support like Rand Paul or Scott Walker to win the nomination. With you on the sidelines it becomes more likely that Jeb Bush would win and I'd have to either sit out 2016 or hope the Libertarian Party nominates someone who isn't certifiably insane (and what are the odds of that).
I do wonder; do Jeb Bush and Christie actually believe they can blow off the base of the Stupid Party and still win?  Or do they not care if they actually win?  Bush is... well, the progressive clown he is; Christie just told every gun owner and small-government type "Screw you".  Again.  Makes you wonder if they're being paid somehow to screw with the election.

“Honestly, everyone who made fun of [Clint Eastwood's] empty-chair routine should apologize. It perfectly foreshadowed Obama’s second term.”   Insty

Dempsey, it's not funny.  And your manner of answering does not give confidence.

So it's basically "You not writing enough summons is costing the city money!  Get back to it or else!"
Yeah, admitting the big job of NYPD in some eyes is raising revenue is a BIG step in inspiring confidence...

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