Monday, January 12, 2015

The International Lord of Hate got pissed

at a guy who went into the usual 'gun control would be a good thing, because feelings' lines on Bookface.  This part I had to steal:
Shorter Graham: "I'm offended and butt hurt that you won't look at BOTH SIDES! In other words, believe without question my naive, tired, bullshit!"

What? You think you are new? You think that you are sharing profound insights with us? See both sides?
Motherfucker, I could write the textbook for your side. I've heard all of your arguments. They are always the same. Wishful thinking, appeals to emotion, and a tenuous grasp on reality, mixed with self-righteous know it all attitudes and white liberal guilt, mix it up, and present it as a meme or soundbyte. Shit. Moms Demand Action should just hire me to write their marketing copy. I'd do a better job than those hose beasts.

There are some arguments that are just so stupid that giving them the time of day is doing everyone a disservice. At this point arguing for gun control is like arguing for eugenics or against vaccinating your children.

I do believe he's a bit tired of these people.

Assuming the link works, it's all here

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