Monday, December 22, 2014

From where Great Britain used to be

A PENSIONER was taken from his home, locked in a police cell overnight and charged with a “hate crime” after he was overheard using the word “tinks” in his own garden.

Retired Ian MacGregor, who has never been in trouble before and has no criminal record, was left visibly shaken after he was forced to appear in court on his 71st birthday.

The treatment of the pensioner, who was not reported to the police until two days after the comment was made, has been condemned as totally disproportionate by politicians.
And everybody else with three working brain cells.

Oh, guess what the Cuban government did the day before our own Dear Leader gave them a boost?
The day before President Barack Obama announced to the world his administration’s unilateral decision to normalize trade and diplomatic relations with Cuba, Cuba’s Coast Guard sunk a small, rickety boat full of refugees attempting to flee to America.
Can't have the commoners trying to escape the Peoples' Paradise, now can they?

Hey, how can the be like the cool kids if they can't dress and drive around like they're in Fallujah?

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Differ said...

I assume "tinks" is slang for gypsies (irish tinkers...). But the story implies the man arrested is a former traveller....makes no sense.