Monday, December 30, 2013

Why you're not Officer Friendly anymore(Reason #422)

This gentleman violently inserted his finger into dozens of victims' anuses. Sometimes his friends held guns to the victims' heads to force them to comply. Why was he sentenced to just two years in prison? Because he was an officer with the Milwaukee police department! 
Vagnini's fellow gang members got off with even lighter punishments, including a year of paid vacation and a polite request to resign from the police deparment.
Every one of these bastards should've been fired, and any supervisor who could be shown to have known about this, all the way up.

Because reading your e-mail and recording your phone calls just isn't enough, the NSA also vandalizes and commits computer crimes.

So, the NYEffingTimes goes all-out to try to protect Clinton.  And gets called on it.

Speaking of sorry excuses for lawmen, the US Border Patrol seems to be going for a title.
Maybe they need snappier hats to wear when they're saying "Papers, please."

Interesting; tribal PDs can't just do whatever the hell they want in this:
What good came of the eight-year legal battle besides the cash? Bressi points out that the Tohono O'odham Police Department is in tribal Native American grounds and therefore have been operating under the assumption of immunity from federal civil rights laws. Bressi's victory in the 9th Circuit limits, if not prohibits, tribal police from hiding behind sovereign immunity while seizing people at internal checkpoints along state highways.

Now the line is "If you laugh at Pajama Boy, you hate Jews and women!"
Really getting desperate and nasty, aren't they?

Ten Constitutional violations by Obama.

You've probably seen something about this power-station attack.  Winner line is
A shooter “could get 200 yards away with a .22 rifle and take the whole thing out,” Wellinghoff said last month at a conference sponsored by Bloomberg.
Well, since Wellinghoff doesn't specify an EBR feeding magnum .22 bullets from a high-bullet-capacity clip magazine, we have to assume he's talking about a .22lr.  Which means he's full of shit.

Don't know about you, but once a friend and I used the side of an old gas stove as a target backing, and found that a .22 rifle could put a whole bunch of shots in a very small area and not penetrate that thin sheet steel.  At all.  Which means that it's sure-hell not going to penetrate even thin sheet metal(unless you count aluminum foil) at 200 yards.

Of course it is possible he's talking about something else in .22-caliber; which makes him guilty of very unclear wording(I know, shut up) or lack of thought before speaking.  Unless[conspiracy hat on] he wanted to make people think the evil .22 long rifle can do that![/ch off]

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