Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Magholder review

Yes, I'm finally getting to it.  Here's my opinion:
I like it.

More details?  Ok.  Their website is here, with a video of it in use.  Which I'll steal.

WOTC reviewed it here(lots of pictures), using the 1911 version to hold a Ruger LCP magazine.  I'm using the same holder with a 1911 officer's-model magazine(Mec-Gar in this case).  I've been carrying it on the left side where I'm used to the spare being.

I think it's a lot more comfortable than a vertical mag holder, which always manages to rub on my ribs, or press on them when I sit down.  It's very positive on retention, no worry about the mag falling out(more on that in a bit).  It's a very solid unit, no concern with it cracking or breaking unless you stomp on it.  And I think it'd take a pretty hard stomp.

It is a different motion to draw, and that means training to get the new motion into your reflexes.  And it has to have a belt loop or something to brace against or it'll slide along the belt until it reaches one; that could be a problem for some pants or kilts.

On that retention thing: when I first got it it was so damn positive it was hard to pull it out with one hand holding it in place; tried it with both Mec-Gar and McCormick mags, same thing.  Problem or wears-in?  I wrote to ask, and got this reply:
The fit of the 1911 will change over the next 3-4 days with a magazine inserted. The 1911 is a different animal than the rest, mostly due to the many different makers and the dimensional variations encountered. To accommodate that, the material we use is different (14% glass reinforcement v. 30% in the M&P) to allow it to "creep" more than the other models.

Also, the tabs might retain the magazine catch very tightly the first time or two the mag is removed from the MagHolder.  Before shipping, two different mags are inserted and removed, but the dimensional variations sometimes allow the customer's mag to get hung up still.

If you don't mind, give it a few days and let me know what you think after the polymer creeps a bit and your mags have settled in.  If there is still concern, let me know and we will take care of it for sure
Which makes sense; everybody and their grandma has made mags for 1911s over the years, and there is a lot of variation.  So I left a mag in it for a week, working it in & out a few times, and it did indeed ease up.  On the Mec-Gar it's still fairly tight, but does slide out with a positive pull; with the McCormick it comes out more easily, but still no worries about the mag falling out(if I can hold the thing butt-down and shake hell out of it and the mag stays in, it's not going to fall out while I'm walking or running around).

And, as a further point, the horizontal position seems to make it less noticeable.  As an experiment I had my shirt tucked over my pistol(love that tuckable holster) but the Magholder in plain sight on the left while going about the day: stores, restaurants, wherever, and I doubt most people even saw it; anyone who did apparently thought glasses case or something(the MG magazines being blued helps).

As I said, I like it. 

Oh, and if anyone from the FTC see this: I bought it with my own money, so piss off

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