Sunday, May 12, 2013

Over in (fG)Britain, this counts as progress

A new law has finally come into force giving householders the right to ‘bash a burglar’…but not if they are stealing from your garden shed.
But it yesterday emerged the new rules contain a string of exemptions.
For instance, in guidance sent to prosecutors, officials say that homeowners cannot rely on the new defence if they find an intruder in their garden, such as stealing a lawn mower or ornament.
Nor will they be protected if they chase the burglar outside. The fight must take place indoors.
So the commoners can defend themselves, even with force, BUT
The guidance also says that shopkeepers can only get away with using ‘disproportionate’ force on robbbers if they live above their shop, and only if the two parts of the building are connected.

Shop assistants and customers cannot get involved in the violence, unless their loved ones happen to be living in the store.

Householders cannot use the defence if they are only trying to protect their property, rather than trying to defend themselves or their family.
So if someone is about to cut your throat, the clerk can't legally jump in and beat him over the head with something useful because THAT is just not allowed...

Kind of disgusting, isn't it; idiotic as this is, it really IS progress over there.

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DJMoore said...

Of course, should be:

"A new law has finally come into force dimly respecting the right of householders..."

I pray that this is merely the beginning of a reversing trend for (formerly) Great Britain, and not just noise in the trending of tyranny.