Sunday, December 30, 2012

Remember the 'no-fly' list? The one the Bradys and CSGV

and other gun bigots say that if you're on you should be barred from owning guns?  The one that
they won't tell you if you're on,
if you find out you're on it they won't confirm you're on it,
won't tell you why,
and won't say what you can do to get off it?

The bastards don't even want to tell the judge what their arguments are for the damned list.
 Alsup, who sits in San Francisco, also refused the Justice Department's offer to show him affidavits from law enforcement officials which the government would not share with Ibrahim or her attorneys.
"Here the government seeks to affirmatively use allegedly privileged information to dispose of the case entirely without ever revealing to the other side what its secret evidence might be," Alsup wrote in an order filed last week (and posted here). "Only in the rarest of circumstances should a district judge, in his or her discretion, receive ex parte argument and evidence in secret from only one side aimed at winning or ending a case over the objection of the other side. Here, the government has not justified its sweeping proposal."

 "It has gone so far as even to redact from its table of authorities some of the reported caselaw on which it relies! This is too hard to swallow," Alsup wrote.
 This is bloody disgusting.  The .gov should NEVER be allowed to get away with crap like this; the fact that they thought they could... it doesn't say good things.

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