Wednesday, November 23, 2011

That I know people who'd probably make excuses for this

is really disturbing.
A father accused of killing his three teenage daughters and his first wife was recorded voicing his disgust with his "treacherous" daughters and saying he would kill them again even if they came back to life a hundred times. The wiretap evidence was played at the trial of Mohammad Shafia, who is being tried along with his second wife and their 20-year-old son for the four murders, the Daily Mail reports. The victims and suspects, recent immigrants to Canada from Afghanistan, all lived together in a polygamous household.


Anonymous said...

Do not deny this man his culture. What else would one do with three treacherous daughters? They had boyfriends for Pete's sake.

Windy Wilson said...

"First wife" does not mean "first wife" as Westerners use the phrase. I belive there was a case some 45 years ago with a similar living situation in which the judge said the man was living in an arrangement that would make the residents of a monkey house blush.
We must not deny this man his culture, but we cannot deny the culture of the judge or the community in which they both live.
To quote Sir Charles Napier, "it is your custom to burn widows, and it is my custom to hang such as do that by the neck until they are dead." And THAT occurred in INDIA where it was the custom. There is no excuse for not hanging this man for doing such a thing in a country where that is not the custom of the majority, nor is it the law.
Perhaps an Amicus Brief is in order, asking the court to take judicial notice of Sir Charles Napier's words.