Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why should we trust the Justice Department when

the investigator, Henry F. Schuelke, recommends that none of the Justice Department officials involved in the case be prosecuted for criminal contempt of court because the judge who presided over the trial, Emmet G. Sullivan, of Federal District Court in Washington, did not issue an order specifically instructing prosecutors to obey the law by turning over any exculpatory evidence.
There's no polite way to put this:
Fuck you all, from Investigator Schuelke to the miserable little criminals formally known as 'prosecutors' in the case. And in any other cases which they've been involved in.
We're supposed to trust you bastards? You knowingly break the law you're sworn to uphold and then you shouldn't be prosecuted because THE JUDGE DIDN'T SPECIFCALLY ORDER YOU TO OBEY THE FRIGGIN' LAW? We're supposed to trust these bastards, or the Justice Department they still work at, on ANYTHING?

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Windy Wilson said...

That's it, it's official, there are laws for the human beings and there are laws for the hoi polloi.
Can you imagine any ordinary peon using that defense in court? "I shouldn't be found guilty because I haven't been ordered specifically to obey this law"?
The laughter would be heard for a block outside the courthouse.

Curiously, the verification word is emacule, which is only a slight misspelling for what the Feds have been doing to American men for decades.