Tuesday, June 21, 2011

While getting the Gunwalker story out in whatever way

that gets it in front of people is important, every time I read something like this:
Over the weekend, Pajamas Media (where they have been doing a bang-up job breaking and covering this story) brought forth more damning details coming from Darrell Issa’s investigation. In particular, some of the comments from whistle-blowers inside the ATF have been beyond alarming.
it reminds me that an awful lot of places either don't know or don't want to mention the work done by Sipsey Street and Codrea in digging this up and yelling about it for- how long?- before damn near anyone else started paying attention. Hell, some of the major media STILL don't want to touch it; and if they do, it's to give some Democrats or gun-ban people like the CSGV a megaphone to declare "This happened because BATFE needs MORE money and MORE authority!" And helping them keep trumpeting the Mexican Gun Lie.

Speaking of Sipsey
Sheesh. What a tough crowd. Don't they realize that Obama did Gunwalker for them? He at least was smart enough to recognize that some more bodies had to be stacked up before the political winds could start blowing back in the direct of more firearm restrictions. He's got to be thinking, "Man, I just engaged in the greatest conspiracy against the Second Amendment ever, stacked up hundreds, maybe thousands, of dead Mexicans to get these gun control clowns what they wanted and all they do is bitch, bitch, bitch. I should never have listened to Rahm Emanuel."

If the Gunwalker Scandal is fully exposed, the gun confiscationist piranha will be gasping and flopping around for another ten years before anyone listens to their "let's give more power and money to the ATF" chanting. Gunwalker will suck all the water out of their tank. I am glad to see, however, that they still possess the capacity to bite each other.

and Codrea,
Later that morning, after the program, I received the following communication:

Melson out. Insert Traver.

Still not enough to go on without more details and independent corroboration. As Vanderboegh wrote, we’ve learned to be very careful about rumors as you don’t need to get too many things wrong before credibility is shot. And that’s not to say we don’t trust our sources. Far from it, their information continues to be confirmed every step of the way. It’s that we understand our obligation to protect them, and they know that, and that means validating that they haven’t been fed deliberate disinformation that could help discredit or even ID them


Dan Collins said...

I urge you to use the community news form at The Conservatory to post this and get your friends the credit they deserve. And while you're at it, you might want to place an ad for your blacksmithing in the classifieds.

Brian J said...

According to WaPo this morning 6/22 Isaa knew about this LAST YEAR!!!
Can you really trust any of these guys? Answer is no. D or R next to their name means nothing today.