Saturday, June 25, 2011

What? Them grenades and launcher's AREN'T

coming from gun shows? But the CSGV insists they are!

CSGV full of crap, proven once again.

HuffPo doesn't like an article that points out just who/what is behind the attempts to break the Gaza blockade; it's non-PC facts.

In Helmke news,
The rats are the first to go.

I wish him nothing but failure and misery in his life for all the bigotry he has pushed over the years

Og speaks of the EPA:
Now, once closed, the metallurgical-grade coke facilities in the US started to be scrapped out. And the scrap was put on ships. And those ships took it to China. I saw this with my own eyes.

China took that scrap, and you know what they did with it? they reassembled it into their own metallurgical-grade coke facilitiies.

All except the emissions shit. They melted that shit down and sold the steel

This is who Schumer and Feinstein and Obama want to take Melsons' place as head of BATFE. Big surprise, huh?

Remember the idiot speech by the new Chicago CoP? Uncle points out something I should have:
As anyone who has bothered to look knows, gun control laws have their roots in disarming blacks.
Yet saying individuals have a right to arms, including for self-defense, somehow makes you a racist...

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