Thursday, January 13, 2011

Few days ago-

before it got so bloody cold- was able to use the bike for some running around. Heading west on I40 I got caught in some nasty traffic and opened up the throttle to get clear of it.

Shortly thereafter I noticed
The traffic snarl was gone
I was doing 90
And it didn't feel that fast.

At 90 the engine was turning a whole 6000 or so rpm, as I recall; redline is almost 12000.

I repeat, if this is the detuned version of the racing engine the original must be a scary bastard. And I'd really like to find a track to try it out on.

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Roger said...

Find yourself an MC riding class that is track based. A whole day of on track full throttle goodness.
About as much fun as a person can have with their pants on.