Saturday, January 15, 2011

Somehow, I do not think this is the best of advice

Over at VFR World, ran across a thread on 'Is it ever too cold to use a battery tender?' Two of the answers were
It is too cold when the battery has cracked in half and is in two pieces.
That means you must be in North Dakota.
followed by
I would say -273K (-459F). At that temp your battery and the wiring all go superconductive, so you'd be ok and not need a battery tender.
And I stopped reading at
Never used a battery tender but I know that at absolute zero resistance is futile.


Roger said...

You don't need a battery tender.
Just connect your trickle charger to the light socket in your garage door opener. Then every time the door goes up or down, the battery gets about 10 minutes of charging.
This system worked for all my bikes and elderly Jaguar too during the NJ winters. (And I am SO happy to live in Florida now!)

AM said...

Yes, if it gets too cold to ride for more than a month at a time, just winterize your bike and wait for spring :-)