Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I know I throw out a lot of words on political crap,

but there's a whole lot more I don't talk about; for every article or post I mention(I know, that means 'bitch and whine and scream about') there's at least two or three I don't.

Combination of reasons. I never intended this to be a political blog, but it's turned partly into one. Partly because there's just not enough time to write about all the things that either outrage or delight me. And because, when you get down to it, my primary feeling toward politics tends to be "Would you people just LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE?!?"

I don't LIKE writing about corrupt, vicious little bastards like Barney Frank, and arrogant fools like John Effing Kerry, and very often flat stupid people like Maxine Waters. And when some tool like Trent Lott mouths off about how 'these tea party people will need to be properly controlled by the Party', and Corker starts talking about 'Oh no, we won't really try to get rid of Obamacare!', and some other Stupid Party tool talks about how friendly and helpful the Democrats will be... Sometimes I do scream at the screen. And have thoughts involving ropes with thirteen loops, or just a nice, simple firing squad. I'm effing sick to death of ALL these people who want to run my damn life. And my kids lives, and everyone else's. And if they'd just leave us alone, I'd let them kiss each others' asses and make deals and whatever all day long.

But they won't leave us alone. Some are socialist assholes who demand everyone be controlled by the state- with themselves in charge, of course- 'for our own good', some are just plain greedy powerbrokers who want to be in charge. And all of them want our money and our devotion and our lives. I am heartily fucking sick of them all.

And I flat hate the God-damned crap from various supporters. I've got a friend who can almost excuse almost ANYTHING done by a Evil Party member, but a Stupid Party member says or does almost anything, and it's "You dirty politician! You're crooked!", etc. Which wouldn't bother me as much except for his tending to consider me 'one of his Republican friends', despite my pointing out I've been giving 'R' party bastards harsh words for longer than he has. I'm sick to death of liberals and 'progressives' who think that if you don't agree with them, it means you're actually evil, that you hate, that you somehow want people to die. Preferably in poverty and misery.

And I really, truly deeply hate the fact that I can't trust one damned word that comes out of the major media. Movies, tv, actual(supposed to be) NEWS shows. I wrote once about what really got my attention about the hoplophobes; before that, when I was a kid and heard something on the news, or pushed by some tv show character that I flat KNEW was not true, I just didn't know what to think: "But that's not true, why are they saying it?" Far worse when it was a Professional News Reporter doing it; it took a long time to fully realize that, understand that, these people- supposed to be devoted to reporting news- would metaphorically and literally look you in the face and lie to you; to support their personal views, to help a politician they liked, whatever. And you know what? It still rouses me to actual fury when they do it.

Back when Rush Limbaugh first came on the radio in this area I'd never heard of him(on KTOK, if you're interested). Started listening, and it was incredible; here was a guy with a NATIONAL show actually saying a lot of the things I thought and- far more important- giving me more information than I'd had before. As in lots of parts of stories that I didn't hear anywhere else(pre-internet days for me), filling in holes; I'd have heard a news story about some incident or bill that I knew was leaving something out, or just didn't sound right, and now I got the parts ABC/NBC/CBS had left out, without having to wait a month or two for some magazine article to mention it. Which both enlightened me about a lot of news, and once again rubbed my nose in the fact that these people like Dan Rather and Peter Jennings and such were often flat lying to us, either directly or by omission. A lot of you know firsthand just how that destroys your previous trust in the 'news'; it makes you suspicious of EVERYTHING that comes out of their mouth.

The internet is both blessing and curse in all this: it allows you to dig up information the former gatekeepers don't want you to know, it allows you to cross-check what you hear and read, which is good; it also shoves right in your face the disdain and contempt these people, often referred to as 'elites', have for us. Also educational, and in some ways even more enraging than simply being lied to.

Speaking of which, a few days ago I read about the Democrats plans for a lame-duck session, some of the things they would like to do, including stealing peoples' pension accounts so they can use the money to pay off various unions and increase the government's control over us. And theft it is: seizing private property just because they want to.I have to wonder, what's in their minds? Do they actually believe everyone will yell a while and then quietly accept it? Or do they think that when some people do act that the security forces(EffingBI, Secret Service, etc.) will stomp on anyone who does and cow everyone else? At this point it would not surprise me in the least to find that some of these bastards WANT that to happen, WANT some excuse to order government agents to imprison and kill some people 'to encourage the rest of us' to behave properly. Do you have any idea how far these people have pushed me that I'm willing to believe this of some of them? For that matter, do the various LE agencies understand just how low their star has fallen that people like me believe- know in some cases- that they would simply accept their orders and trot off to carry them out? You've got cops in Maryland shooting people's dogs 'as a threat' even when they have to chase the dog down to kill it; think these sorry excuses for lawmen would hesitate to carry out orders from their political masters? I lost a lot of my confidence in the National Guard when I saw NG troops helping hold people at gunpoint in New Orleans because the mayor and police chief had decreed that the peasants could not be trusted with arms, not to mention the sight of an old lady being beaten by a couple of shits in police uniforms just for having a gun. I grew up around LE people, and it really hurts to have my confidence in them as generally good guys ripped up. Not to mention the fact that I cannot trust the good cops to hold the bad ones to account when they're corrupt or screw up("Yes, the officers killed an innocent person when they raided the wrong address, but they were following use of force guidelines so no action will be taken against them. Sorry about the dogs, too, but it's procedure.")

What this is all leading up to is I'm sick to death of all of it. I'm sick of not being able to trust a damned word that comes out of the major media; I'm sick of not being able to trust that LE officers will follow the damned law themselves; I'm sick at the knowledge that a lot of people in uniform will just follow their orders even when they know they're wrong; and I'm very deep-down-in-my-soul sick of corrupt, lying, condescending politicians. And I'm very very sick at heart that none of us can afford to NOT watch them and listen to all this and yell about it to make sure others know. Because we don't know when it might be some little bit of knowledge-spreading by someone out there that lights enough of a fire to keep something from going over the edge.

So if I'm not my usual sparkling self this past while, that's a large chunk of why.

This bitching session is now ended.


Jeffro said...

I don't comment here much - I do have you in my reader and as such - read everything you post. You are generally preaching to the choir here, as far as I'm concerned.

Which is the case with this post. A-frakking-men, Firehand. I'm pretty sick and tired of the whole thing, too. We've gotta keep after 'em though, or, like Plato said - "I shall assume that your silence gives consent."

Toaster 802 said...

Wow, you said what is in my heart bro.

Crossposted at

Glad I found ya!

Anonymous said...

I'm reading the full version of Hayek's "Road to Serfdom".

It is alarming that the sort of crap which you are posting about has been clearly seen, understood and published about in the English language for around 65 years, yet it has been kept from the majority of the population.

You are one of the main ones who've brought libertarian and individualist writings to my attention (they are much less widely known here, in Europe than in the US).


Anonymous said...

Between the evil party and the stupid party there isn't much hope left for avoiding what's coming.

I'm getting into my dottage and had hoped to be gone before this country gets into the really ugly phase that is coming.
Don't see that happening now. When the dhimmis decide to come for everyone's (except their union suck-ups') IRAs, I expect a shitstorm of unbelieveable size will be unleashed.
And there ain't enough "law" enforcement people in the country to protect all of the scum...

Mattexian said...

Anon 0738, I don't really see how we could have be so lucky as to have an "us vs. them" civil war anymore, it'd look more like widescale riots.

Firehand, I think the chasm between left and right (referring to your friends divisions) started during Clinton's term, especially after his "hate radio" speech, lambasting any talk radio critical of him, which Rush took personally. Since then it's been a worsening of the "us vs. them" politics, with no real middle ground of common agreement anymore. I agree fully with being in the "Leave me ALONE!" Party, which is pretty close as a slogan goes to the "Don't Tread on Me" of the Gadsen flag and now banner of the Tea Party.

perlhaqr said...

Do they actually believe everyone will yell a while and then quietly accept it? Or do they think that when some people do act that the security forces(EffingBI, Secret Service, etc.) will stomp on anyone who does and cow everyone else?

Why wouldn't they think that? It's been what's happened the last six dozen times, from Wilson saying we'd stay out of "The Great War" and then drafting soldiers to fight it (what greater theft than to take a man's freedom and place him in bondage to fight your wars for you?), on to the Bonus Army slaughter in 1932 to the theft of gold coinage in 1933 to the start of Social Security in 1935, way on down the road to Waco and Ruby Ridge, the TARP bailouts, the purchase of GM with the subsequent utter fucking of the shareholders in favor of the Union bosses. (Yeah, I skipped a bunch of stuff.)

What incident along the road has given these power-mad, thousand-mouthed ass-weasels any indication that there is a point where we will actually turn back and say "enough!" and make it stick somehow?

Moshe Ben-David said...

First, let me direct you to an organization we should thank and support:

Our biggest mistake over the last couple of decades has been keeping our mouths shut and not being willing to deal with the discomfort at parties and family get-togethers in challenging the ideas of the left.

I used to let the ex-wife cow me into silence, lest I offend someone. Enough of that!

Anonymous said...

Lets not give up hope. By by all means communicate our conservative values on all subjects to all parties. A constant burrage of Conservative values from the multitudes. We need conservative protests! In your face! Organize and vote the liberals out of office. United we stand. I guess I am somewhat lucky I live in a conservative area where I can target shoot on my property and build anything without regulations or codes and taxes are a lot less. Less government is the best government.

Crotalus said...

That was Patricia Konie who was beaten up, got thrown out of her property, and had her gun stolen by the cops. And they were California Highway Patrolthugs, which is why I'll never trust them again. Too many departments cover for their "rogue cops" with "proper police procedure", which tells me that the cop isn't rogue, but the whole department is now the enemy of the people.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the War on Some Unpopular Drugs, the cops have turned into thieves---asset forfeiture's a huge temptation to them. Best hope that some cop doesn't decide he wants your 'Vette and snowflake you to get it sometime.