Friday, October 22, 2010

As far as I'm concerned, crap like this means Rep. Dan Boren(NSP-OK)

ought to be thrown out of that office.
A bill introduced by Representative Dan Boren has firearm owners and gun control supporters in a shootout.

The bill would begin a study into firearm microstamping.

Rep. Boren, you suck. I don't care what the NRA thinks of you, crap like this we don't need; and you pushing it means we don't need YOU.

Added: saw this over at SiH, which says about the same thing Sigivald says in comments. I know sometimes I'm too quick to react to things; boils down in this case to
Boren is a Democrat who's voted with Obama on some things that make me distrust him,
When it comes to possible threats to the 2nd, I just have no damned trust anymore.
I need to work on the latter.


Sigivald said...

As someone mentioned over at, I think, Sebastian's, the NRA has often supported such studies.


Because they always show that it won't work, and lead to the idea being abandoned.

Titan Mk6B said...

I thought Boren was reasonable even though he is a member of the socialist party. I guess I can put that thought to bed.