Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ooooh, Columbia Journalism Review is screaming 'Blackmail!'

for someone daring to point out to Holder "There really is stuff here you need to investigate."
In response to the Columbia Journalism Review’s accusing me of “blackmailing” the Attorney General of the United States, I must take notice that the mainstream media as a journalistic establishment IS paying attention to the ongoing ACORN scandal. Good. I thought so.

What the Columbia Journalism Review is doing is very similar to what Media Matters is doing: protecting the Democrat-Media Complex, the natural alliance of the Democratic Party and the mainstream media. This ACORN investigation has been going on for two months and Hannah, James, and I have proven to be truth-tellers every step of the way, while the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now has been proven time and again to be liars
And it appears that the only way to get AG Holder to stop giving rights to terrorists and to stop looking on gun owners as the enemy is to say "Investigate, or we start releasing more of the tapes before the next election."

That it seems to be taking that to make A: Holder even consider criminal investigations of ACORN and B: the major media say anything about this mess is disgusting.

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