Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm going to have to confess: I'm a bit of an H&H fanboy

Holland & Holland arms, for some reason, just make me want to spend all my money on them. Which would be depressingly easy to do, have you seen the prices on them?

Usually at the Tulsa show there are some, but they're all in cases and, unless you wave a checkbook to show serious interest, 'hands off'. But this time, two men had about a dozen different double rifles, including this H&H in .470NE, in racks and you could fondhandle them. I've seen them before, but this is the first time was able to actually handle one; work the action, aim it, etc.

Heavy? Yes. Balanced? Like a fine shotgun. And, unfortunately, the damn thing fit me like a glove: bring it to the shoulder and the sights were just there, perfectly lined on the target. The action worked like fine machinery should, smooth and tight. Magnificent piece of work, and at the bargain price of $29,000.

What? Hell, no; I'd have to sell the house and use half the money to pay for it. And while ammo is available, last time I looked Midway had some Federal on closeout and it was down to $214/box. For 20 rounds. Talk about a need for handloading... And no, I haven't checked the price of brass.

Actually, the only Holland & Holland piece I've ever actually fired was a #4MkI(T) sniper a guy has. If you're not familiar with those, during WWII the Brits took #4 rifles that showed best accuracy and sent them to H&H where they worked their magic on the trigger, receiver & barrel, set everything just right in the stock & forend, and installed the mount bases and scope. This thing, with 40-year old ball ammo, was shooting 1 to 1.5" groups at 100 yards.

In my defense, I can say I don't badmouth other makes in deference to the Holy Brand, I just really really like H&H. And want one desperately. So I promise not to turn into one of Correia's H&K fanboys, and I'll continue to laugh at them like everybody else.

No, I'm not going to sell the house to buy it; I really like them, but not that much.

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Fire said...

Fit you like a glove, huh? I bet that's not the only thing that would