Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ANSWER and SEIU: peas in a pod

Pro-commie Che supporters with the radical ANSWER Coalition beat up tea party protesters at a Fort Lauderdale rally this past weekend.
The goons were caught on camera:
Video at the link.

If the prosecutors here play the same games as the clowns in Missouri about not wanting to charge the SEIU thugs, I hope the victims sue them. And sue the people who attacked them. For large numbers.

And it must be said, one of these days these thugs will do this to someone ready and able to fight back. At which time we'll hear whining about "They hurt us!" and the politicians will try to charge those who defended themselves. Again, lawsuit(less messy than tar & feathers, though much less satisfying) if at all possible, and make damn sure their names and actions/inactions are broadcast loud and far, especially the politicians.

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