Friday, February 06, 2009

Obama and Clinton: two worthless bastards

when dealing with terrorists. First, the appeaser Obama:

Yesterday we were driving back from Houston, Texas from obtaining a passport for my daughter so she could attend the arraignment of al-Nashiri who had helped in the Cole Bombing. We were expecting to leave for Gitmo no later than this Saturday. I knew that Obama would no doubt dismiss the charges against al-nashiri. Our government has repeatably found excuses so as not to take any action against the Cole bombers and or those who support them. Like the countries of Yemen and the Sudan. So it came as no surprise to me when an Obama's aide called to tell me that we had an invitation to attend a meeting where president Obama would explain his reasons for dismissing the charges against the terrorists. I told him that it was on a short notice and that we would not be attending.

Why attend a meeting when you already know the inevitable outcome. And President Obama has already signed the order to close Gitmo, and a request to stop the trials. Which they did. With only one judge who had the strength, courage and conviction to stand up for the murdered sailors and say that al-nashiri's arraignment would go forward. So anyway I asked the aide if he would please get my letter to Obama instead. He said he would if I faxed it. I had wrote Obama a letter the previous week pleading with him to change his mind. I faxed the letter later that same day. I knew that I would have to tell my wife later on when we got home that our murdered son's trail had become a victim of petty politics. And that she would be upset and hurt yet again.

I wish that our government would not play the head games that they have played with the victims families. Its extremely disrespectful of the victims and their families. The government could have stopped this charade that there was going to be a trial after Obama had requested that there would be no trials in the first place. But instead my daughter took time off from work to make a 400 mile round trip to purchase a passport that she will probably never need. And of course she had to experience another let down when Obama's aide called. And my wife as well

And Clinton; this crap I'd never heard before:
Back in 2000 right after the attack on the Cole we refused to meet with President Clinton, and I also refused to speak with Vice President Gore. For that decision we were housed in a different BAQ at Norfolk than the other families. And the next day we were not allowed in to the Memorial Services for the sailors of the Cole attack. It took the Commanding Officer of the base to get us in to the services, and up front with the rest of the families. I relate that story because I was not going to tell the news at first why we did not go and meet with Obama. But my wife insisted that I tell someone, and that our son deserves a trial. Its long overdue. So I did. I am not saying that Obama would react as childish as Clinton did. I don't think he would. But I did not want to see anymore head games on the part of the government. And by the way I have plenty of witnesses for that fiasco, plus a letter of apology from the base commander. And our Escort officer was there too at the time, and did her best to try and get us in with the rest of the families. (bold mine)
Can you believe the level of vindictiveness and childishness that would be required to pull this shit?

I'm stopping because I'm about to start pounding on the keyboard, and I can't figure out how to use written words to fully show just how pissed off and disgusted I am.

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Anthony said...

And then they say, "How dare you call us un-patriotic?". Really.

Well, I dare to. Not only un-patriotic, but un-American traitorous swine, who show nothing but disregard and utter contempt to the men and women who put their lives on the line to keep us free. By their own decision. They deserve much better than the punk who now is their Commander In Chief.

I have no respect for Obama, nor do I respect his office while he is serving in it. You cannot have it both ways. Unlike liberals who say they support the troops, but not the mission, I am truthful in my beliefs, and consistent to boot.