Sunday, February 01, 2009

I now officially despise Daschle even more than before,

which I hadn't thought possible. And I can't distrust Pres. The Obama any more than I already did, but my contempt is growing. From the comments:
Daschle may have other tax problems with some other benefits.

Daschle will have to RE-amend his tax returns because he forgot to pay all of his MEDICARE taxes!

Daschle waited six months to amend his tax returns (after he was picked for the nomination).

Smells, smells very bad
I'll have to disagree with the description: it doesn't 'smell very bad', it flat-out effing STINKS! This clown didn't bother with paying his taxes on this stuff until he was picked for this post, and then he STILL didn't pay all of them(just like our tax-cheat head of the Treasury), and apparently he's STILL trying to get away with skipping on some of them. And Obama & Co. keep saying it's not a 'real problem' and he should get the post.

He should get the same treatment anybody else would, which would include an IRS enema and back-taxes and penalties and interest. AND being told he has no damn business handling our money because he cannot be trusted. How do regular peasants get treated?
And how did the Daschles' get a penalty waiver? How, how, how...

Don't get me started. I have to deposit payroll taxes weekly online through my bank.

I got hit with a 10% late deposit penalty after mistakenly clicked the last day of the following month instead of the last day of current month.

I sent the IRS a letter with the documentation to prove it along with 1% interest.

On Friday I got the response. "Sorry, we can't waive the penalty because although you show it was not wilfull, you have not shown reasonable cause. You still owe $700 for the penalty."

But there's Hope and Change! with the new form:
Well, I'm doing my taxes on the new 1040dem form this year. It's even easier than the 1040EZ, the only IRS form that can be filled out with a crayon. With the 1040dem, you just take the form, wad it up, and throw it away. One caveat: you have to fill out a Schedule OOPS if you ever get nominated for a high visibility position.


martywd said...

Thank you for reading 'althouse' so _I_ don't have to!

Firehand said...

You're welcome.

Funny thing about this, she was one of the "Please don't lie to us so openly, it makes it hard to keep believing!" people for Obama, and ever since he won the job interview she's been hitting on him on all this crap. Like it's somehow a surprise.