Sunday, February 15, 2009

And yet another sign of the Era of Multi-Culti Surrender

we're in, and that's going to wind up with us converted, dhimmi or dead if we're not damn careful and lucky:
Muzzammil Hassan, CEO of Bridges TV, whose motto is "connecting people through understanding," apparently didn't think Thursday's honor killing -- and make no mistake about what this was -- at the station might somehow blur that message.

Of course, police and mainstream media are treating the gruesome homicide as a simple case of domestic violence. Even though the victim, 37-year-old Aasiya Zubair, had recently filed for divorce and apparently was concerned enough about her Muslim husband's reaction to obtain a restraining order. And, despite the fact that she was beheaded, a particularly hideous practice all but unthinkable to any but Islamic fundamentalists, you can bet that her murderer's religion will never be mentioned, as though it were irrelevant.
Let's never forget "domestic violence" victim Aqsa Parvez, the 16-year-old Canadian girl whose father strangled her for refusing to wear the traditional Muslim head scarf in 2007. Or Amina and Sarah Said of Dallas, both murdered by their father in 2008 for dating non-Muslim boys. Or Sandeela Kanwal of Georgia, who was strangled to death by her Muslim father, Chaudhry Rashid, last July.

Rashid's actions are of special note here, as he actually admitted his motive to be protecting his family's honor from the divorce his daughter was planning

Thousands of girls are murdered by their own muslim families each year to 'cleanse their honor' of the stain of the girl being raped.

They murder their daughter. For having been raped.

I really do not give a rats ass about what the progressive minds of the EUnuchs think, or some worthless excuse for a man who thinks that's a proper way to behave; only a sick culture based on sick beliefs could do this. And only a sick culture would make excuses for the dirtbags who do it. If someone raped my daughter I wouldn't kill my daughter; I'd give the rapist the choice of going to prison or into a hole. You don't like that? Screw you. You and every multi-culti moron who won't hold muslims to civilized standards. Usually the same people who blame Israel for every palistinian who stubs his toe and cry "WAR CRIME!" when Israel whacks the filth shooting rockets at schools.

THERE ARE 'HONOR' MURDERS BEING COMMITTED IN OUR COUNTRY. And our 'PC at any cost' media don't have the balls or the integrity to say it. So we'd better spread the word. And make noise about it, and the idiots who won't call them what they are.

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martywd said...

Aasiya Zubair, ...apparently was concerned enough about her Muslim husband's reaction to obtain a restraining order.
That restraining order really worked well for Mrs. Zubair didn't it?   NOT!   And since the late Mrs. Zubair resided in the Socialist State of New York obtaining a permit to purchase a handgun for protection in a timely fashion would have been all but impossible.