Friday, February 20, 2009

It seems some guy named Pelton has aroused upset

from people like Blackfive, and the gentleman from Mudville, and, oh, a whole bunch of people. It seems Pelton wrote an article for Men's Journal that basically painted a bunch of people as fools and juveniles allowed to play with firearms. Such as
But Jones does have cool toys. During our initial chat he is constantly pulling his Beretta pistol out of his belt, playing with it, putting it on the desk, then back in his pants. He has a custom-made cowboy holster and a tricked-out assault rifle. “No one who is cool carries an M16,” he says. “The army owns this” — he points to the standard base — “but it doesn’t own this” — he points to the multiple accessories, such as an optical sight and the collapsing light stock, that convert his M16 into an M4. “It gives me more credibility.”
What the hell?

And the whole article goes on like this. Bill and Bob have a serious takedown of the article here: well worth reading.

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