Wednesday, December 03, 2008

This brings the term 'lack of preparation'

to a whole new level:
MUMBAI: The state constabulary was grossly unprepared to deal with the worst-ever terror attacks on the metropolis because of an acute shortage
of weapons and ammunition
How bad a shortage?
In the absence of a firing range and of ammunition for practice, members of the law enforcement agencies have not opened fire in the last ten years. ‘‘I’ve been in the police force for a long time, but I had no occasion to open fire for practice,’’ a senior inspector of police said.

Ten bloody years. Not just officially, remember; India is one of those places they make it as hard as they can to allow the peasants- which includes the police- to privately own a firearm, so there's no chance for them to practice on their own, either. And if the government isn't willing to see that you practice, why should you worry about it, right? After all, apparently the firearm is mostly a badge of office as opposed to an actual fighting weapon.

The manual also prescribes mandatory training for all officials, especially shooting practice at the firing range. According to a senior IPS official, the norms prescribed in the manual now exist only on paper because of the acute shortage of ammunition for practice and the non-availability of a firing range.

As per the rules, every district should have a firing range exclusively for the police. But official records indicate that more than half the state’s districts have no independent firing range.

‘‘We have constables who have not opened fire even for practice ever since their recruitment,’’ the official said
There is no excuse for this. Period. None at all.

So we know the truth, the reason so many of them didn't fire at the bad guys was they didn't know how. And how many people died because of it?


Anonymous said...

And that, folks, is why Third World Sh*t Holes ARE Third World Sh*t Holes and are kept where they are. That way they have a more difficult time harming people who actually matter.

You heard it here first. I officially do not care how many sheep those rabid islamic pariah dogs killed. If you don't want to be a sheep, arm yourself. If you can't do it where you are now living, MOVE, don't give me any crap about not being able to afford it, if you didn't have enough water to survive, you'd soon move. If there are "Weapons Free (free fire) Zones" don't go there without a weapon anyway.

I could go on for an hour, but if you don't get my drift by now, you won't. Ever.

Gerry N.

BobG said...

They don't have money to train police, but they have enough to do research and make atomic bombs; am I missing something here?

markm said...

Bob, I think you're understanding their leaders' priorities quite clearly. As long as the leaders' own bodyguards get enough practice, their ability to blow up Pakistanis is far more important than their ability to defend their own people.

You'd almost think they were as bad as the Paki terrorists, eh?