Sunday, November 30, 2008

If this is indeed what happened, they shouldn't be fired;

these sorry excuses for men and lawmen should be beaten with clubs or whips. THEN fired.
The guardsmen, both of whom have served two tours of duty in Iraq, were in the Dells for weekend training. Two police officers stopped them in the early morning of June 1.

The suit says officers Wayne Thomas and Collin Jacobson accused the guardsmen of urinating in public and pointed out a wet spot in an alley that they thought was urine. The guardsmen denied having relieved themselves there.

In order to prove that it was not their urine and avoid citations, the officers made Anderson and Schiman lick the ground, the lawsuit claims. Schiman also was made to eat a plant that was drenched in the liquid, it states

In most circumstances I'd first think "C'mon, even the most brain-dead dumbass cop around...", but I noticed where this happened: Madison, Wisconsin. Coming out of that place, I can believe it could happen.

I'd say thanks to Xavier for pointing out this marfi, but this just pisses me off too much.

Added: I noticed this the other day, but for some reason didn't comment on it then:
The lawsuit states that Thomas, 19, was fired the same day as the incident and Jacobson, 20, was suspended for two weeks without pay. Both were limited term police officers.
How the HELL were a 19 and a 20-year-old in police uniform, carrying sidearms and on patrol? That's effing illegal, so far as I know. And it increases the chances of the incident having occurred as the suit alleges.


Thud said...

I doubt even at gunpoint I could be made to lick and eat what may have been somebody's piss...seems rather strange does it not?

Firehand said...

That's why I said 'If'.

ted said...

yeah, wtf... I'm not licking any unknown wet spot, gun point or not.