Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blackfive has some thoughts on the Mumbai terrorists,

and he's not buying the 'highly-trained, professional' stuff. One thing he notes was this piece from one of the pieces I linked to the other day:
"They were firing from their hips. Very professional. Very cool," says D'Souza, the newspaper's photo editor.
As he notes, that's not exactly a sign of professionalism, or even half-decent training; as he puts it, more in the line of "chimps with an evil purpose". Which was all it took for most of this, an evil purpose.

We'll find out a lot more in coming days, but I'd bet he's right; this was a bunch of murdering dirtbags with some minimal training("This curved part makes it go 'bang', don't pull it unless you want to shoot"). Which would, I think, make the part of armed citizens even more powerful should such an attack take place here; citizens who actually practice at hitting individual targets facing terrorists who spray is not really a winning combination for the bad guys. Question then becomes, will the bad guys actually train at aiming and controlled fire?

If you're new to this blog, let me put something up front: I would very much prefer the military and LE forces stop the bad guys before they get here. Or right after they cross the border. But, considering the actions of a lot of politicians and PC-minded LE(especially on the federal level), we have to face the real possibility of bad guys getting in and making such an attack; I'm really surprised it hasn't happened before, combination of luck and hard work by the good LE and military and intelligence guys. Given a choice, I'd rather I never have need of a gun for anything but collecting, target shooting and hunting.

But I don't have that choice. There are bad people in the world, ranging from muggers and home-invasion burglars to terrorists. If I decide I'd rather be unarmed, that's my choice; but the fact is I have no choice in whether or not there are threats. To me, my family, friends, people on the street. I'd rather consider the possible threats and be somewhat prepared for them. And a mess like this might be one of them.


SordidPanda said...

The terrorists who carry guns are trained to do a task or series of tasks.

They are not trained to think on their feet, plan ahead, or provide front line leadership.

Most of them are malnurished and often illiterate thugs who have no opportunity to improve their station in life, and so turn to martyrdom as an opportunity for greatness.

It is sad, but the commentators who lionize our enemy with adjectives like "professional" do nothing to show the real picture, a thug with just enough training to accomplish a job and die in the process.

Firehand said...

Sounds about like what I've read of the majority of them. And what Blackfive had to say.