Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I have a serious question about trust

Specifically, trust in the system: the Justice Department, the FEC, the Congress.

Can we trust them? Should we?

I'm not talking about the normal, "We're watching you" toward Congress, I mean flatly can we trust them to have the interests of this country at heart?

We already know a lot of the weenies in House and Senate do not; if you'd had any doubts, Schumer comparing political speech he doesn't like to pornography being broadcast that needs regulation should have killed them. There are far too many in both Houses who're more concerned with personal and party power than this country; they've violated their oaths of office and, if the people back home were more worried about things like honor and truth and freedom than about "He's the Party candidate!" these clowns would've been, as my old boss used to say, kicking rocks down the road years ago. Instead, they keep voting for them. Barney Frank(Corrupticrat-MA) for instance; there's no telling how much of the loss of business and population that state is (supposedly)dealing with is directly connected to his actions, but they keep voting for him. Corrupt bastard will probably be in office until he dies. And now we add in the 'Fairness Doctrine' hammer these jerks want to use on the media that doesn't kiss their ass, which appears to be affecting what some media outlets do. But let's move on from Congress for a moment.

Is there, WILL there be, any criminal investigation of Frank? Or Sen. Chris Countrywide Dodd? Any RICO, or any other, investigation of ACORN and vote fraud, and credit card fraud in this election? Almost certainly not, which brings up "Can we, SHOULD we, trust the Justice Department?" Because if they don't have the balls or integrity to do their damn jobs in this, why should we trust them to be honest, and honorable, in doing their jobs on anything else?

We've got the word that the FEC is probably going to give The Obama's campaign a pass on an audit, while McCain's will definitely face an audit. The FEC has been a group of politically-motivated jerks for years, we already know they're not trustworthy. This just makes it worse, in-your-face "We do EVERYTHING to suit our personal politics" bad.

We had the examples after 9/11 of the FBI and Justice(?) failing to do their damn jobs for political reasons, and it's worse now with the crap that's come out. Add in the way so many people have been screwed over for bullcrap 'violations' for the sake of padding the agencies' numbers and making the politicians who control their budgets happy, and how can I trust any of these agencies? Or the people who work there? On anything?


martywd said...

" can I trust any of these agencies? Or the people who work there? On anything?

You/we cannot.   And if we all thought 'trust' in our elected and/or appointed government officials was possible before, this latest financial 'crisis' combined with the latest US presidential election has closed that door forever.   It really is pathetic.

Nels said...

We can't trust any of the three branches of the U.S. government to be on the side of the United States or to be supportive of our constitution.

In particular, we cannot trust the Justice Department.

the pistolero said...

Can we trust them? Should we?
That would be a big, fat, hairy NO.

Fire said...

Trust me on this; we can't trust them.