Saturday, November 15, 2008

To a whole bunch of homosexual activists

Especially the so very progressive ones: fuck you. And the horse you rode in on, along with every flea on it.

I personally don't care who you sleep with. And while I'd prefer it be a civil union as opposed to marriage(that word means a lot; I'd hate to see it changed), it's not something I'm going to lose sleep over.

However. Far as I'm concerned, if this garbage is your reaction to a loss at the polls, fuck you. You don't deserve to win in a legal vote if this is your reaction to this loss. You're acting like a bunch of Soviet commissars and deserve to be treated as such, you and every suckup politician involved.

Oh, and I stopped calling Jew-haters 'anti-semites' a long time ago; so you're not going to be referred to as 'gay' in this place. Not after this shit.


Thud said...

fuck you would be amongst the last things I would say to these warped could lead to no end of confusion.

Fire said...

Tell them to kiss your ass...oh, wait, don't do that, Firehand, they might actually want to.

I am will you refer to them?

Firehand said...

Metaphorically speaking, Thud; I think they have enough working brain cells to get that. If they don't, I can put it more bluntly.

Fire, as homosexuals and/or homosexual activists. They don't like it, tough shit. And there's always dumbass, moron dirtbag...