Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yeah, it's fall

Cool, solid overcast, and a mix of fog and/or very light rain all day. And I think most of the night. Which makes it nasty outside, but a good night for sleeping it was.

And the stuff helped the friend plant- and the stuff that wasn't in the ground yet- should like it.

Times past, I'd have headed for the woods on a day like this. However, between work, time and distance that isn't an option most days. Does make baking and such a more comfortable, though.

And that's the extent of my brilliance today. Except I'll pass on another dog story:

My parents used to have a West Highland Terrier; think of a Scottie, white and smaller. Very nice dog. Got along with everyone, cats no problem, with one real dislike.


She detested them. If she heard or saw one coming down the street, she hit the fence. If she was inside, and there was no one to let her out, she’d run through the house to the doggie door in back to get out, then clear around the house to bark at it.

Well, years before this Mom & Dad had a deck built on back of the house. Except for the hottest weather it was a comfortable place to sit, and Dad extended the roof over a bit to cover an area he leveled with patio blocks for the grill. The one drawback was cats. Stray pregnant females would home in on the place and set up housekeeping under the deck to have their litter. Dad spent a lot of time taming the mom & kittens so he could find homes for them(there was a BIG problem with stray cats for a couple of years).

So one day Mom’s in the bedroom folding clothes, Dad’s out back sitting watching the latest mother & litter play on the deck and the dog’s in the living room. Then she hears it.

Skateboard wheels. Coming down the street.

At this point two of the kittens are rolling around, and the other four & mom are sitting grooming, about two feet in front of the back door.

Cricket(from past experience) jumps up, looks out the window and heads for the back.

Dad is watching the felines when the dog came through the door at a dead run and scattered cats like pins in a kids bowling set and never broke stride. She shot off the deck and around the house to deal with the hated skateboard, leaving five cats in various poses of “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?”

Damn, the things that happen with no camera rolling.

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Fire said...

Next to the last line of your post had me laughing my ass off. Westie's are beautiful little dogs. I'm partial to big dogs, but Westie's have always been one of my favorite small dogs.