Thursday, October 16, 2008

I have been taken to task for daring to write about

Elsa the Lion turning out to be less than a storybook happy-ending story a while back, in the comments. Including:
I cant see why you had to write this story.About elsa the lion she was doing what any lion woud do to feed her young cubs when she can not hunt,on her own and you shot her. Shame on you

Yeah, God forbid I actually take note of a problem with an idea. But, of course, I am a Nasty Gun-Clinging American:
But you are from the US the gun country shoot anything and anyone.
Yeah, corpses everywhere and holes in the neighbor's houses, that's me.

Nothing in this world is perfect and even the best of intentions can go awry. The wild animal population needs our help and support! Not people like you who could probably find a negative thing amidst an almost perfect bed of roses!
Well, the roses don't crawl out of the bed and chase me with their thorns, but overall I find them pretty pleasing. And he's stuck on 'people like you!' It seems that simply by writing about this incident, I have become a Destroyer of Wildlife and All That is Good; kind of like writing about Barack I Hate Plumbers Obama makes you a racist, I guess.

I wasn't going to post about this until I got another comment today, including the above and this gem:
Maybe when we can fully appreciate all forms of life(including people like you), maybe then we can find hope in saving ourselves!
No, of COURSE I have no consideration for other forms of life. Otherwise I'd be a enviroweenie animal-rights squirrel(oops, there's that specie-ism again) who thinks writing about a people-munching lion is equivalent to wanting them all shot. Geez.

Ah well, I need to check the muzzle-loader out. Just in case I have a chance the next while to go out and whack Bambi.


BobG said...

Sounds like someone who learned everything they know about nature from Disney cartoons.

Keith said...

You can tell him that the nasty Brit who passed the story on is a vegetarian and possibly a distant relative of George Adamson.

you can put up with the odd bite and scratch from a little pussy or bunny that has no fear of humans, but anything much bigger needs a fear of humans, or it will almost certainly end up needing a hot lead injection.

True it is often the fault of humans for interfering when they should have left well alone, but once a big animal looses its respect for humans, the result will often be serious injury or death.

I have known several people who have been almost killed by hand raised cattle. One managed to get away with 2 broken ribs, two cracked vertebrae a broken shoulder and fractured skull, all delivered in about 3 seconds. Another managed to get hold of a nose ring and hold on and twist while the animal tried to spread him thinly accross a concrete yard. A third was saved by her husband sticking a muck fork into the animal, fourth and fifth gentlemen were killed. I knew all first hand. at one degree of seperation, I know of at least two more fatalities.

That is with "peaceful" cattle, domesticated over the past 10,000 years, not wild lions...


Firehand said...

Lots of people have no idea how dangerous working with ANY animal can be, including long-domesticated ones.

I can't remember the number, read a few years ago about how many people are injured or killed by pigs. It was spooky.

Fire said...

In my perfect world, lions, tigers, and alligators would eat vegetation. I understand that whole thing about having to survive, but damn!, do they have to go after the babies? It hurts to watch those animal shows on Discovery, seeing animals being killed by such a large animal. Hearing the screams of the animal being eaten....I just wish they all could eat grass, trees, and such. Yeah, I'm a girl.

Sounds to me like one of those PETA freaks tried to get you, Firehand. Now those are some crazy ass bastards.